Eclipse Treatment Planning System



Eclipse is a comprehensive system that simplifies the complexity of modern radiation therapy planning for all modalities such as 3D conformal,

intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), electron, proton, and brachytherapy.

Advanced processes such as image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT) and DART™ dynamic adaptive radiation therapy are supported.

Eclipse helps dosimetrists, physicists, and physicians efficiently create, select, and verify the best treatment plans for their patients.

Automation facilitates standards of care and protocols; yet, with the flexibility of Eclipse, the clinician can rapidly tailor plans for each patient.

The efficiency and cost effectiveness of Eclipse enables the adoption of advanced techniques, providing true security of investment while improving the quality of care.

 Eclipse™ Treatment Planning SystemEclipse™ Treatment Planning System

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Argus QA Products

Argus IMRT is one of the comprehensive line of Argus quality control information management products.

It integrates seamlessly with Argus™ LINAC to provide a complete QA system for your IMRT program.

Combining a broad base of MLC tests with sophisticated DMLC analytical tools, Argus IMRT validates linac

and MLC mechanical operations with tests of mechanical and radiation isocenter accuracy, leaf positioning, and leaf  motion.

It can then be used to create trend graphs of these values to spot problems before they cause downtime.

Argus IMRT also records DMLC test results and documents all safety checks for a comprehensive record.

The net results are time savings, enhanced performance, managed liability risk, and improved patient care.

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