Varian has unveiled the EDGE, a new radiosurgery system with sub-millimeter accuracy and real-time tumor tracking,

at this week’s Annual Meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO). It includes capabilities

such as high dose radiation delivery of up to 2400 monitor units per minute, a new bed that adjusts on six axes, and

continuous correction of beam targeting every ten milliseconds.

EDGE features from the announcement:

- Real-time motion management tools, including the Calypso® system and an optical surface monitoring system for

real-time tracking of tumor motion during treatment,

- Image guidance that encompasses two-, three-, and four-dimensional imaging (the latter showing motion over time),

- High Intensity Mode for fast dose delivery rates up to an industry-leading 2400 monitor units per minute,

- A new PerfectPitch™ treatment couch*, which will give clinicians more options for accessing and treating

disease sites by making it possible to adjust the patient’s position along six axes of motion versus four that

were in earlier generations of technology,

- Varian’s real-time system architecture, which enables an exquisite level of synchronization between imaging,

patient positioning, motion management, beam shaping, and dose delivery technologies, performing accuracy

checks every ten milliseconds,

- Multiple beam shaping options, including Varian’s high-definition multileaf collimator and radiosurgery conical collimators,


- Support for both frame-based and frameless approaches to patient immobilization,


- Eclipse™ treatment planning software, plus automated contouring tools and an anatomical atlas of templates for expediting the radiosurgery treatment planning process.