Edge Radiosurgery System

Using technology designed for radiosurgical ablation, the Edge™ radiosurgery system represents an evolution

in the way advanced radiosurgery is delivered.

With the Edge system, clinics may be able to treat more patients because of the speed, precision, and streamlined

treatment planning developed in its architecture.

The Edge™ radiosurgery system provides a turn-key solution for delivering full-body radiosurgery treatments with accuracy.

Edge offers advanced tools designed to deliver highly conformal dose distributions to tumors of the lung, brain, spine,

and other areas of the body where radiation is indicated.

A growing body of clinical evidence is demonstrating the benefits of delivering high doses in a small number of fractions.

Starting from classical neurosurgical targets, Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) is progressing to treat targets previously not

considered candidates for high-dose, hyprofractionated delivery. The ability to accurately deliver targeted treatments and

manage tumor motion is driving growth in radiosurgery. A 108% increase in SRS utilization for brain cancer treatments

is predicted over the next 10 years. SRS treatment volume is expected to grow 93% and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)

volume is expected to grow 144% within the next 10 years. These numbers are suggestive of the high level of confidence that

clinicians have in targeting tumors with precision.

One of the key aspects of radiosurgery is precision and accuracy.

Edge radiosurgery tracks the patient’s tumor in real time for intracranial and extracranial treatments,

precisely calculates patient movement in all six degrees of freedom, and monitors respiratory motion.

By integrating the highest dose rate (2400 MU/ minute) with non-ionizing, direct and real-time guidance for target location,

Edge offers surgeons and clinicians the ability to pinpoint the target and deliver highly focused treatments, in fewer sessions

and at a noticeably fast rate while minimizing the dose received by surrounding healthy tissues.

As an all-in-one, single vendor radiosurgery solution, Edge’s real-time system architecture helps enable a high level of synchronization between imaging,

patient positioning, motion management, beam shaping, and dose delivery technologies.

Potentially reducing the overall time and resources required for surgery when compared to traditional methods can lead to an increase in the volume

of procedures performed and lower per procedure costs for the hospital. In an effort to advance radiosurgery treatments, clinics worldwide have

already adopted Edge to help advance the way cancer is treated.


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SRS Intracranial Package

SABR Package

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TrueBeam system


Premium performance image-guided radiotherapy system

TrueBeam STX Brochure

TrueBeam STX specification


Trilogy Stereotactic System

The Trilogy Stereotactic System is a comprehensive package that includes:

-Trilogy for stereotactic radiosurgery, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and 3D conformal radiation therapy

-Tools for patient setup and target localization, including cone-beam CT

-Tools for treatment verification and quality assurance

-Marketing Kit for the purpose of promoting the Trilogy System to referring physicians, patients and the media.

Stereotactic treatment planning, localization hardware and quality assurance

tools may be added to the package.

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Trilogy Specification

Trilogy TX Specification

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The Novalis Tx™ package is equipped with a highly-accurate radiation beam focal point and the highest dose rate available. Novalis Tx™ is also capable of

Intensity Modulated Radiosurgery (IMRS). A multi-leaf collimator, which is used as both a beam-shaping and beam-modulating device, allows the user to

sculpt the dose precisely to the target.

Novalis Tx™ includes a highly versatile digital imaging system, that offers 3D cone-beam CT, 2D radiographic, and fluoroscopic imaging for image-guided

patient positioning and highly-accurate target localization.


Novalis Brochure

Novalis TX specification