TURBOCAST® is a unique low temperature thermoplastic material with thin foam coating on both sides. It is ideal for splinting, casting and bracing applications.

TURBOCAST® is a basis of a very flexible product line which successfully caters to the demands of occupational therapists, cast technicians, orthotists and other medical practitioners.

TURBOCAST® clearly stands out among other thermoplastic materials due to its unique properties.


Patented foam coating further improves the characteristic advantages of the TURBOCAST® product line by:

  • Assuring that the thermoplastic does not stick to itself in hot water, thus, sizable surfaces can be put in a small hot-water container.
  • The foam coating prevents thermoplastic from adhering to the body hair and bandages.
  • Parts of the material adhere to each other only if pressed firmly together: no accidental bonding, no need for solvents!
  • The foam allows for air transfer between the patent’s skin and the thermoplastic, which reduces the risk of skin crafting.


Turbocast® Ortho turns transparent when heated which is an excellent indication that the material is ready for application. This feature also allows the therapist to easily observe the features and landmarks of the patient's body in places of application. Turbocast® Ortho is easy to stretch, which minimizes errors in pattern making. Multiple reshaping of the material that is necessary for custom fitting and repositioning is achievable due to full plastic memory. The ends of this material will hold together when wet and can be easily released when dry, making circumferential splinting more successful. Strong adhesion is achieved by pressing the parts of the material together when wet without the need for solvents or adhesives.


Turbocast® Ortho STIFF Plastic with reduced drape that allows maximal control of the material during molding. This thermoplastic is particularly useful for splints with large surface and general contours. It guarantees excellent final strength of the device, but yet is flexible enough to resist stress fatigue.  Moderate degree of surface stickiness allows this material to fit tightly to achieve precise contouring. This material can be aggressively manipulated and remolded many times to meet the patient’s needs during changers in the treatment plan.


Turbocast® Ortho Non Sticky A versatile type of thermoplastic material that can support a wide range of immobilization applications. Both soft and stiff versions are available depending on the size and stretch requirements of the fabricated orthoses. The material becomes transparent when heated to the right temperature indicating that it is ready for application. Excellent stretch features provide for outstanding precision molding. Non-stick coating allows for the ease of application and handling, as well as it permits material application directly onto the cotton bandages or lining materials in post-operative patient management. Easy to re-mold and re-position on the subject by local reheating.


Turbocast® Rolls The product,a thermoplastic material with foam coating, is designed to be applied as a first aid for immobilization of the injuries to fingers and wrist. Tape-based orthoses provide quick means for precise and tight-fitting modeling. Can be applied on the intact skin, or post-operatively. The ease of application also facilitates post-traumatic/operation rehabilitation whereby the ease of re-application of the orthosis may support a progressive range of motion.


B-Cast Non-stick material with advanced handling characteristics. This thermoplastic was designed for moderate resistance to stretching that allows the splint-maker to fabricate any type of splints without material over-stretch, as well as to maintain control over the entire molding process.  Due to the high degree of rigidity finished splints hold their shape even against strong hypertonic impacts: no need for reinforcement! Material is coated to prevent accidental bonding and resists finger prints. 


Beachcast Opaque-when-heated material that was engineered to provide superior draping qualities! BEACHCAST is a rigid and light-weight thermoplastic that does not shrink. BEACHCAST has all necessary features to achieve excellent molding results. Due to enhanced drape it follows the exact contours of the treated surface. After processing, BEACHCAST transforms into a hard splint that does not need reinforcing. Controlled elasticity of the final device can withstand repetitive stress and resists fatigue. Repetitive remolding is possible without thinning for economical splinting due to 100 % memory in the material. Surface stickiness of BEACHCAST allows the material to cling onto the patient's skin for vertical molding. A wet bond will hold firm, but can be pulled apart when the material is cooled down.  For permanent bonding no solvents are necessary. 


IMMO+ This thermoplastic material combines complete conformability and optimal stretch resistance. The material becomes transparent when heated in a water bath and super strong when it cools to the room temperature.  The smooth finish and ease of trimming of the edges ensure high control over the molding process. Easy to work with, comfortable for the patient. Non-treated thermoplastic adheres lightly to the patient’s skin allowing for more refined molding of the splint. Non-sticky variation of IMMO+ removes easily after splint formation (cooling) is complete without sticking to skin, body hair or bandages.


IMMO+ Non Sticky This material  has a thin surface coating that prevents accidental self-adherence during molding. It is an easy to use splinting material with additional working time and full plastic memory. Non-stick surface resists finger imprints and reduces soiling, does not stick to cotton mesh, skin or body hair. For permanent bonding, remove the surface coating and spot-heat the area with the heat gun, then press firmly together.


Turbotreat Comfort Turbotreat Comfort is a unique splinting experience! Velvet-like coating provides extra comfort and increases patient compliance. This material was developed specifically for patients that need optimal comfort combined with the full functionality of the device. The coated side of Turbotreat Comfort is non-adhering, while the other side remains smooth and sticky. This allows braces, fixation straps and other additions to the splint to be easily placed and they will hold firmly in place. Turbotreat Comfort is highly recommended for pediatric and gerontology applications.  For additional handling satisfaction, the smooth side of Turbotreat Comfort can be coated with a thin non-stick film (Turbotreat Comfort NS).


:توربوکست، تحولی نوین در ارتوپدی


 نسل جدیدی از ترموپلاست ها با قابلیت تبادل هوا جهت ثابت نگه داشتن هر عضوی از بدن که جایگزین تکنیک های قدیمی گچ گیری و قالب سازی شده است.

 محصولی ساخته شده از پلیمرهای Caprolactone به روش  پلیمریزاسیون دمایی، توسط کمپانی Macromedics هلند.

موارد مصرف:

 انواع شکستگی جهت ثابت نگه داشتن عضو آسیب دیده، تهیه انواع ارتوز بعد از اعمال جراحی، تهیه انواع اسپیلنت های ثابت .و متحرک

مکانیسم عمل:

 در دمای بین 70 الی 100 درجه سانتیگراد، پیوند بین پلیمرهای تشکیل دهنده این محصول سست شده و موجب نرم و انعطاف پذیری آن می گردد. سپس با کاهش دما، پیوند بین پلیمرهای Caprolactone مجددا برقرار شده و محصول سفت و محکم می شود.


مزایای استفاده از این محصول:

-بهترین گزینه جهت تهیه انواع ارتوز

- دارای قابلیت عبور اشعه ایکس عدم ایجاد حساسیت، درماتیت و عفونت های پوستی

- قابل تحمل برای بیمار، به علت سبک بودن و پوشیده بودن صفحات با فوم نازک و انعطاف پذیر

- دارای قابلیت تهویه

- هیدروفیل و مقاوم در برابر نفوذ آب (برخلاف گچ یا فایبرگلاس)

- قابل استفاده برای تمام گروه های سنی

- امکان استفاده هنگام استحمام تا دمای 30 درجه سانتیگراد

- قابل تهیه در سایزهای مختلف

- برتری در مقایسه با سایر محصولات مشابه موجود از نظر پیشگیری از ایجاد سندرم کمپارتمان