About Varan Parto Darman



Varan Parto Darman Company  is introduced to the market in 2015 renaming from Behestan Daman Company

by enjoying from 20 years of sold experience in global market of shareholders and skilled task force of board of directories

in Radiation oncology business that the history of activity goes back to 1999 as Varian Medical Systems first representative in the Iran territory.

Delivery of the most advanced oncology systems to the territory and consequently providing best solution and advanced services to cancer patients

would be the most important aim of Varan Parto Darman and mission of the company in the field of activity.

In this regard Varan Parto Darman is representative of following companies:

Varian Medical Systems:

Varian Medical Systems (VAR) of Palo Alto, California, USA, is a leading radiation oncology treatments and software maker.

These medical devices include linear accelerators and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions with radiotherapy,

radiosurgery, proton therapy, and brachytherapy.

The company supplies software for managing comprehensive cancer clinics, radiotherapy centers, and medical oncology practices.

Varian Medical Systems employs approximately 6,350 people at manufacturing sites in North America, Europe, and China and approximately 70

sales and support offices around the world.

At the moment there is not any restriction in delivery of most advanced and high end technology to Iran.

For more information, please refer to www.varian.com


An effective and efficient solutions is supported by Macromedics based on optimal positioning patients with dedicated and innovative positioning products.

Macromedics products are CE marked as a class 1 medical device in accordance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Macromedics BV is an FDA registered company and has received FDA 510(k) clearance for most Macromedics patient positioning devices.

Macromedics BV is an EN ISO13485:2012 certified company.

For more information, please refer to www.macromedics.com

Varex Imaging:

Varex Imaging Corporation is the world’s largest independent supplier of medical X-ray tubes and image processing solutions.

From medical imaging, to cargo screening and border security, their components are used by X-ray imaging system manufacturers

everywhere to detect, diagnose, and protect.

Their products are designed to harness the power of X-ray energy to pioneer advances in any application.

This requires them to maintain an extensive catalog, and they are a leading supplier of high-voltage connectors, X-ray collimators,

ionization chambers, mammography paddles,

solid state automatic exposure control systems and buckies for digital imaging.

As a leader in imaging components, their goal is to help their customers become world-class system suppliers by strengthening their

competitiveness, and enabling them to bring products to market faster.

Their rich history spans 50+ years of dedication to the imaging industry, but Their everyday work is devoted to our partners’ success.

For more information, please refer to www.vareximaging.com


We hope these gathered advanced equipment and skilled task force of the expert team help us to play our essential and effective role in providing advanced services and treatment solutions for cancer patients.